May 7, 2023

EU warns Apple: Limiting USB-C speed and performance on iPhone is not acceptable

According to the new EU law, Apple must use the USB-C port in future iPhone devices. While the Cupertino giant was said to be planning to […]
March 5, 2023

tattoo smartwatch problems and solutions

Ink under the skin can have a negative effect on the performance of smart watch sensors, that’s why it is better to wait a little before […]
March 5, 2023

The new Apple Watches no longer require an iPhone connection to use GPS

Older Apple Watch models required an iPhone connection to provide certain features such as GPS. Fortunately, according to the information included in Apple’s support documents, the […]

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    • Drawing LCD D-10

      In most LCD drawing tablets, there is a resistive screen with numerous layers that detect touch through pressure. One of these layers is made of liquid crystal. As the layers touch, the appearance of these liquid crystals changes, filling up the gaps between the electrodes that sit within the screen. This reaction causes the liquid crystals to become reflective, showcasing what has just drawn on the screen.

    • Power Bank P-01


      By collecting information, COPO engineers tried to produce a wireless handsfree with advanced technology and structure. COPO EARBUDS H-60 ​​is the result of months of research […]

    • Copo Pencil

      Copo Pencil

      Copo Pencil company with the latest technology in the world with a very suitable application for phones, tablets, and all touch screens.

    • Phone Mix 4

      Copo Mix4 16Gb

      Copo Mix 4 16Gb is designed and built with the latest technology in the world to have a user-friendly feeling.

    • COPO Headphones

      COPO Headphones

      Lacinia eget, lacinia eget, vestibulum vel, pellentesque at, gravida vel, tortor. Nulla ligula lorem odio est tincidunt mattis id, vehicula elit sed est. Quisque vehicula wisi, posuere vehicula magna urna turpis vitae lectus sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing mauris. Aenean ut metus mi risus vehicula viverra, egestas volutpat.

    • Elite data cable C-20

      About the COPO USB-C to Lightning Cable: With COPO Elite data cable C-20, you can charge and sync your Air Pods, Air Pods Pro, iPhone, iPad, […]

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