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COPO Accessories

COPO Accessories: A COPO headphone consists of two small speakers that are placed on the user’s ear and are connected to a sound generator, such as an amplifier, radio, or CD player. Other names used for this device are stereophones and headsets, or the types that are placed inside the ear are also referred to as earphones.

In telecommunications, the set of headphones and microphones that are used, for example, in a telephone for two-way communication, is called a headset.

Introducing COPO Handsfree

Handsfree is a device that can be used without the use of hands. Handsfree is used to transmit commands in voice, radio, mobile and many voice and multimedia devices, in many countries using this device while Mobile phone contact is mandatory while driving, although research has shown that talking on a cell phone while driving can increase the risk factor. The handsfree may be wired or wireless.

Introducing the COPO headset

The COPO headset consists of two small speakers (in some cases a speaker) that are placed on the user’s ear and a microphone.

In telecommunications, it refers to a set of headphones and microphones that are used, for example, in a telephone for two-way communication.

Headsets have a variety of uses, for example in call centers or other telephone-based businesses, and for anyone looking for a hands-free experience during their phone calls.

Types of COPO headsets
Based on the number of speakers

Mono headset
Two-ear headset
Based on the final application
Phone headset
Integrated communication headset
Computer headset
Based on communication technology
Headset with – wire
Wireless headset

Based on the types of capabilities and technologies used in the design
Noise removal headset
Broadband headset
Headset with pre-amplified microphone

Headphone history

The first patent for headphones
The first patent for headphones dates back to Edison, in the late 1800s, when Thomas Edison invented the medical earphone.

The patent was filed in 1891 when the French were building telephones.

Nathaniel Baldwin Headphones
Nathanil Baldwin, an engineer at the American Electricity Foundation, invented these headphones for the US Navy in 1910 to better communicate between soldiers and commanders.

A large German company that started by making large loudspeakers for cinemas was able to produce its first headphones in 1937.

Koss PS3
A musician named John C. Cass, in collaboration with engineer Martin Long, invented the first stereo headphones in 1958.

What is the difference between a COPO headset, COPO headphones,  COPO handsfree and earphone?
The difference between headsets, headphones, handsfree and earphones can be basically the type of use in the ability to talk or the impossibility of talking. With the proliferation and variety of electronics, the production of accessories has expanded as well. This diversity will in many cases be accompanied by consumer confusion.

COPO headphone

The headphones have two earphones the size of your ear, which are designed to prevent ambient sound from entering your ear. It should be noted that headphones and headsets are stereo and mono (STEREO HEADSET – Mono HEADSET) that stereo headsets have two phones and mono headsets have one phone.

Headphones can be played through the following types of players:

Personal computers (PC)
CD Player
DVD Player
Laptop (LapTop)
Connect with the system.

Headphone connection can be done in three ways: 3.5 mm cable or USB port or via Bluetooth. The remarkable thing about headphones is that this product is not capable of talking.

COPO headset

The headset can be called the same as headphones, but with the difference that it has the ability to talk. You can both listen and talk with the headset. The headset is mostly used in call centers as well as gamers.

It is mostly used in telecommunication centers where users need to work hand in hand and talk at the same time. After checking the headphones and headset, we go to the handsfree and earphone.

COPO Airphone

The earphone can be called a product with headphone performance. He mentioned earphones more for mobile phones, MP3 players and the like. These products are connected via wires and Bluetooth and are widely used due to their light weight.

The earphone does not have the ability to talk like headphones.

The handsfree can also be compared to a headset if we want to simulate it. Handsfree is an earphone that has the ability to talk. Its light weight is similar to an earphone in that it fits in your pocket and is easily portable.

Listening to music and the ability to talk are the advantages of this versatile product.

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